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A Social Media Ad Agency and More!

We are a national and Local Award-winning, full-service International Consultant Firm with thirty years of experience. Whose emphasis is on creative advertising and various marketing efforts.
Our focus is to:
Make your business more visible and find new customers on Social Media provide Social Media Creative and Advertising Services provide guidance to brand your company through creative advertising on Social Media. We have created and manufactured some of the most recognizable jingles in Hawaii through advertising campaigns on Radio, Television and Social Media.


When it comes to digital marketing you need a company you can trust.
VMAC Consultants has been advertising clients in the digital world since 2010, and continue to do so every day.
We are familiar with the digital landscape, and can present your company properly to your client demographic.
Not only can we target your specific demographic, but we can create ads that match their interests, and communicate with them in the way they are accustome.
Whether your target demo’s are millennials, Baby Boomers, or Generation X’ers, we have the know-how to appeal to their demo, deliver your message in a creative way, and brand you in their minds leaving an indelible impression on them every time.
VMAC Consultant’s work can be found on YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. We don’t just talk about what we can do, we have a digital footprint to prove it.
Our work has resulted in more business for our clients, and creative ads that are still fresh in the minds of many in Hawaii and elsewhere.
Let us put the power of digital advertising to work for you. It’s by far way more bang for your buck than Television or Radio which are sad to say fading into the twilight of yesteryear as effective advertising venues.
Get on board with the new era and style of advertising with VMAC Consultants, let us show you how you can be a productive and creative part of the new world of the digital age.
There’s no time like the present, fill out our contact form and schedule an appointment today. We’ll come out to your business, assess your situation and goals and show you how you can be seen and heard by your present and more importantly, future customers.

Junior Kekuewa Jr.
President VMAC Consultants

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